Welcome to Nordic Design Studio!

After years hunting for the most beautiful and inspiring interiors across Scandinavia and beyond, I now offer interior consulting services – Wherever you are in the world!

I can help you transform your home and create a Scandinavian look you’ll love. I want you to have a space that is enjoyable, friendly and comfortable, but also curated, considered and serene. A place that enhances your life and makes you happy.

Nordic Design’s e-decor packages are simple, convenient, personalized and affordable. I share my knowledge and expertise with clients looking for a completely new look, or simply needing a second opinion and validation. I provide guidance about trends, color palette, materials, hardware, furniture, and home accessories, as well as my best actionable decorating tips.

Are you in love with a home featured on Nordic Design, but don’t know where to start? I am here to share my expert advice and to take the guesswork out of your restyling and renovating project. I can help you understand what you see, why it works, how to get the look, and where to source the products within your budget.

Do you need help getting a fabulous piece of art, the right wall paint or a sculptural lamp to complete your look? I will find exactly what you need to tie your look together like a pro.



  • Pre-defined or custom concept boards with a product list
  • Room review consultation
  • Artwork selection and placement
  • Color palette selection
  • Shopping services to source furniture and accessories
  • The basics of interior design
  • Etc.


I am also available to travel for in-person advice depending on the scope of the project and/or per invitation.


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I look forward to hearing about your project.