Raw Diamons from MENU

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MENU recently introduced a new premium line: ‘Designer’s Cut’.

The first collaboration is with Design By Us – a Danish design company praised by Wallpaper, Elle Decor and The Times Magazine, who named Design by Us one of the ten most successful design firms in the world.

Called ‘Raw Diamonds by Us’, the first project consists of a a set of thermo cup, espresso thermo cup, vase, plate and bowl – cool and truly original tableware.

“We wanted to create a totally new look for a classic set of crockery: Vase, cups, platter and bowl – with a design DNA that would not be instantly readable.” – Rasmus Larsson, Creative Director & Founder of Design By Us.

The tableware is made with multiple facets and has a matte surface, contrasting the sparkling glaze on the inside with Asian flower motif.

Raw Diamond is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface.

Photos: MENU