Sanna Annukka

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Sanna Annukka is a half Finnish, half English illustrator/print maker/product designer with a love for nature and folklore.  She is highly inspired by the forests, lakes and wildlife of the region, as well as her childhood memories and her love of storytelling.Her client list includes Universal Island Records, British Vogue, Apple/iTunes, M&S and Marimekko. She also has her own company with self-styled products.

Her silk screen print Call of the Cuckoo as been on our Wish List for a while now, and she keeps on impressing us by introducing lovely designs time after time.

We highly recommend you visit her website to see all the beautiful things she creates.

How did it all started?
After graduating in 2005 I started selling screen prints at my sister-in-law’s Scandinavian design boutique in Islington, London. Through one lucky print sale to the manager of British band Keane led me to illustrate the band’s second album ‘Under the Iron Sea.’ London agency Big Active art directed the project and then took me on their books as one of their select number of represented artists. In 2007 I opened my online shop, my passion still lies in printmaking so I wanted to get back into designing beautiful screen prints. Alongside commercial illustration, I am now developing my own brand of products.

How would you describe your style?
My style is all about pattern. Simple, bold and folkloric.

Favourite material to work with:
I am currently designing a range of wooden products so I am really enjoying using wood as a canvas for my designs. I also love working with textiles.

Any special projects at the moment?
There is, but I can’t say what it is yet-sorry!!

Best thing about being an illustrator/designer:
Earning a living by being creative. I’m not made for the office that’s for sure!

You, in three words:
Mad nature girl!

What inspires you?
The landscapes and wildlife of Lapland, Scandinavian design from the 50s/60s and folklore.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
I don’t have particular times when I’m most creative. It happens when it happens so I always carry a notebook so I can jot ideas down before they have a chance to fade away.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
The culture, the landscapes, wildlife/nature. Also Scandinavia has produced a wealth of amazing designers over the decades such as Alvar Aalto, Rut Bryk, Stig Lindberg, Maija Isola…. the list can go on forever!

Favourite designer:
Stig Lindberg. Mostly known for his ceramics for Swedish company Gustavsberg but he did design textiles and illustrate books too.

Best design piece you purchased?
One of my favourite pieces of art that I own is a screen-printed velvet wall-hanging by Stig Lindberg. Every time I walk into the room, where it’s hanging, it just blows me away.

Best address-book secret:
I’m an avid collector of all sorts and really enjoy looking around antique/collector’s fairs. The IACF ( organise fairs throughout the UK. They are amazing events to visit, endless fields of sellers selling vintage collectable goodies. It is guaranteed you’ll end up walking away with an armful of treasures.

On your wish list:
New screen-printing table.

What can’t you live without?
My man and my cat.

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Has to be the Sauna!  I like to go in the sauna then swim in the lake. Then sauna some more and take another dip in the lake. Then have even more sauna and more swimming. I have been known to spend an entire day doing that!

Favourite travel spot:
I have two! Lapland and Queensland, Australia.

You, in five years:
Hopefully, a fully-fledged brand. Selling meaningful, decorative design for people to enjoy in their homes.