Søren Hagen

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With an exceptional patience and precision, self-taught Søren Hagen creates amazing paintings with a photographic dimension, with an impeccable illusion of reality. The Danish painter captures the beauty and tranquility (and loneliness?) of what lays in front of us, be it a commonplace landscape, highways, sheds, car parks, buildings, containers…

Here is a profile of our Artist of the Month of last April, Søren Hagen.

Where did it all started?
I find it hard to say when it all started. It feels as I have always painted  and drew, and it is like I never stopped. Being an artist and expressing myself through painting came slowly to me through the younger years. Just as one can acquire a language.

How would you describe your style?
Art historians call it Neo-realism art, but I say that the paintings are realistic images that contain traces of surrealism with symbolist tendencies. The paintings are a  fictional universe that you cannot find a physical place where the painting is from; the painting is composed of many different sources / locations.

Favorite material to work with:
It is obviously the work of painting; my paintings are composed of acrylic on canvas.

Any special projects at the moment?
Besides an exhibition in Holland, I am working currently busy with paintings inspired by a trip to the U.S. east coast. I received last summer a number of scholarships so I could travel over there. The paintings should be on a show at Skive Art Museum in Denmark.

Best thing about being a painter:
What should I respond to that? I’m doing exactly what I dreamed of being able to do, and then I can even live by it.

You in three words:
Industrious, perfectionist and thoughtful.

What inspires you?
I love watching different movies; movies with character sketches; films that come under your skin; beautiful film about being human in a difficult world.

“I’m at my most creative when …”:
I travel. Then “all doors and windows are open”. I travel as often as I can, preferably at least 2 months a year. The rest of the year I spend in the studio to work on my paintings.

Favorite designer:
Fabricius / Kastholm, Kjærholm and obviously PH.

On your wishlist:
Being able to travel around the world with my wife until I become really old.

What you can not live without?
My wife and my PH cone chandelier.

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Midsummer Night.

Favorite travel spot:
There are many, but right now I think of Siwaoasen in the Libyan desert.

You, in five years:
I do not know if I can answer that. I am 53 years old and want so much more with my life. I mean, life evolves, and I can and will do nothing but follow.