Martin Löf

, , , By Catherine

Martin Löf is a photographer from Sweden whose genres range from food to interior and people in their own environment. He shot this beautiful summer house, among others.

Passionate about cooking, Martin started his own restaurant and eventually prepared food for commercial photography. That’s how his career as a professional photographer began. Several years later, his photos are highly sought after internationally.

Here, he answers a few questions for us.

How would you describe your style?
Documentary style with simplicity. I like to take pictures that are not arranged too much.

Any special projects at the moment?
Two books, one about Swedish cuisine from different regions, and a new television series on the same topic for Channel 4. The second book of a traditional Swedish homecoming. I am also working on and negotiating with publishers on a Swedish interior design book for 2012.

Best thing about being a photographer:
While I am artistic, I am interested in technology. It’s an amazing thing how light and technology becomes an image that will last forever. Travel and meet people.

You, in three words:
Curious, calm and stubborn

What inspires you?
Meet creative people and wake up the following day with a slight hangover, and think “wow, what a fun it was yesterday”. See a good movie. It is good to travel to new places (but it doesn’t need to be so far away). Im trying to find new places where I live, l take my scooter and drive around the small forgotten streets and vacant lots.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
I’m together with talented people. Challenges of all kinds.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
The different seasons. Fresh air and good ingredients.

Favourite designer:
Antonio Citterio, Thomas Sandell and Jonathan  Ive

Best design piece you purchased?
A sofa by Antonio Citterio

On your wish list:
Learn to fly a helicopter!

What can’t you live without?
Music and my beloved friends!

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Fermented herring and crayfish party with schnapps and singing. And of course midsummer party.

Favourite travel spot:
I love Paris. But otherwise I like to travel to places outside agency directory.

You, in five years:
Doing the same thing, but more filming. It´s really fun. Teaching myself right now the new HDSLR cameras. It is extremely cool and neat results.