Norwegian winter cabin

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A quick look at these pictures, and the need for a winter holiday sets in. Burnt wood smell, cracking fireplace, oversized knitted sweater, a wool blanket and a warm cacao…

About five years ago, Hanne Borge-Yngland and her husband built this gorgeous 200 square meters ‘winter cabin’ located in the ski resort of Kvitfjell in southwestern Norway. While it has a traditional shape, the cabin also has an industrial character. The use of raw, unprocessed materials contribute to the relaxed look & feel of the place: Concrete, reclaimed wood, industrial shelving and lamps, horns, sheep skins, etc.

“We wanted to decorate so that nature comes in”, explains Hanne. The house was designed to be as open as possible. The kitchen and living room are upstairs, “where the view is best and where the heat rises naturally.” Bedrooms and a large hall are downstairs. The look is nicely tied together, thanks to a love for monochrome (grays), fab finds from flea markets and  from Hanne’s own store,

Photos: Madeleine Söder for Skonä Hem



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