Matilda Lindblom

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Matilda Lindblom studied product & furniture design at the reputed Malmsten Centre in Stockholm. She worked in Hong-Kong for Michael Young, among others. Matilda has designed lamps, shelves, tables, chairs,  room dividers, as well as the lovely Rabbit box, in collaboration with Sanna Lindström.

She answered a few of our questions below.

Tell us more about the rabbit box. Where did the idea come from?
Me and Sanna created 7 pieces of furniture for the whole family for HEIRLOOM, and that is when the rabbit box was created. We wanted to create a friend for children to help collecting their favourite toys and things in. It is also a toy and a designed piece of furniture that both children and adults like, something that flirts with everyone and bring a smile on peoples faces, and gives them an AHA feeling.

Any special projects at the moment?
An outdoor fange of furniture and a sofas

Best thing about being a designer:
To have to possibility to create and build new unic pieces of furniture and things that brings happiness into peoples homes.

You, in three words:
Happy, considerate and ingenious.

What inspires you?
Trips, new and old things, furniture, architecture, and nature.

How would you describe your style?
Modern, Scandinavian, but warm and usable.

“I’m at my most creative when…”
After I’ve done a trip somewhere or visit a factory to see the production, I always come up with new ideas after seen the manufacturing process.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
I love the climate, the four seasons. I love all of them.

Favourite designer/architect/artist:
Martin Margiela, Jasper Morisson, Aantonio clitterio, Piero Lissoni, CKR, and Nato Fukasawa.

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
I find the craft wood fantastic, but also some dishes that are typical Swedish. I love special feast traditions such as Midsummer.

Favourite travel spot:
West coast of Sweden in the summer is fantastic. I also like skiing in the Alps and big cities like Hong Kong, New York and Stockholm.

You, in five years:
Living in a house on the West coast with my family creating more furniture and houses.

Any design tips?
A distinctive design that dates back over 40 years: the Santa & Cole Cesta mid-century table lamp.

Photo: Matilda Lindblom &Heirloom