Diamond lights

, , , By Catherine

We fell hard for Swedish Eric Therner‘s Diamond Lights!

Romantic and classic, but with a modern touch, Therner’s lights use an enviromentally friendly e-27 halogen lightbulb with a lifespan of 2000 hours embedded inside of a glass bulb that has the faceted form of a diamond. When illuminated, the lightbulb has a warm glow and adds a sparkle to any room.

You can choose the lamp socket and cord you want, to suit your own personal style and interior.

“I’d like to think of Diamond Lights as a sculpture, with a function. It looks as good switched on, as when it is weitched off. Stylewise I wanted something different than the round lightbulbs. (…) To me, diamonds are surrounded by a mystic, romantic feeling, which I like. By using a diamonds shape like this, it gives the lamp charistmastic look, as well as keeping a classic feel.” – Eric Therner

Largest diameter: 115 x 115 mm
Height only glass: 110 mm
Height total: 120 mm

Photos: Jesper Lindström for Eric Therner