B&O reinvents subwoofer design

, , , , By Catherine

It was only a matter of time before we would introduce you to Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company acclaimed worldwide for its exclusive and distinctive range of audio, video and multimedia products. The company always innovates, and this time it reinvents subwoofer design with its BeoLab 11, one of B&O’s latest sculptural gadgets.

With its compact, tulip-shaped design, BeoLab 11 subwoofer combines excellent bass performance with elegant design. It has a compact, tulip-shaped form, and the aluminium shell is available is a variety of finishes and colors – Perfect to complement any interior.  “BeoLab 11 has both a strong sculptural presence and a discreetness that will integrate perfectly into any interior. The days of hiding your subwoofer behind the sofa or in a darkened corner of the room are gone. You will want to put BeoLab 11 on display. (…) Every detail exudes style and precision of design.”

However, BeoLab 11 is not just looks. This subwoofer holds true to the Bang & Olufsen tradition of providing breathtaking sound quality in loudspeakers. It is able to produce the lowest frequencies with stunning clarity and precision, for a rich sound experience. The unit uses two opposing drivers to take advantage of the “Acoustic Balance Principle” – a first for B&O in subwoofer design.

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Photos: Bang & Olufsen