The Insiders Club: Doors Are Closing + A Personal Note

By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Later today the doors to the Insiders Club will close for an indefinite time.

I totally have awesome perks to offer you if you join the membership program. But also, the reality is that I just need your support. Publishing articles requires a significant amount of man-hours, and even more so to promote the site, making sure it grows and -in all honesty- survives.

Over the last ten years, I’ve shared more than 2000 articles – Free of charge. I’ve been driven by my mission to provide you the inspiration, resources, and support you need to create a home you love. I want Nordic Design to be reader-focused and funded through readers, as a community – not through banner ads or clickbait. But I can’t do it alone.

With your help, I can focus on creating articles that are thoughtful, interesting, and relevant to you, instead of content that serves better Google ads.

By joining the Insiders Club, you’ll get a ton of added value AND you will support a small business (one-person, really) you enjoy, for as little as $11.97 CAD per month (that’s about $8.58 USD or 7.69 euro). You will help keep this platform going, and I also really like the idea of our connection not being depending on the algorithms of some social media or search engine wizardry…

Don’t worry if you can’t or won’t join us. Anyone who is unable to do so right now will not see a lot of change around here. You will still have access to free content.

But if you’ve enjoyed the blog in the past, and would like to contribute to its future, I hope you’ll consider becoming a member.

— > Sign up today!

I’ll see you inside?




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