Get The Look: The Warm Minimalist Home Of Swedish Stylist Pella Hedeby

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I love this interior for its simplicity, calm, and timelessness. It is styled with natural and sustainable materials, a neutral palette, tactile surfaces and textures that create a harmonious design scheme, as well as with an enviable collection of design pieces.

Here, I am showing you how to recreate this beautiful look at home.

The Inspiration & Palette:

Get the look:


1. Akari 55A pendant lamp, Vitra

2. CH24 Wishbone chair, Carl Hansen & Son

3. Pot and saucer, Hay

4. C18 dining table, Fredericia Furniture

5. Soap dispenser, Vipp

6. Stackable glasses, Menu

7. New Norm bowl, Menu

8. Black Dutch oven, Milo

9. Ponny carafe, Skruf

10. PK33 foot stool, Fritz Hansen

11. Stone vase white marble, Louise Roe

12. Raw linen cushion cover, Linum

13. CH25 lounge chairs, Carl Hansen & Son

14. Jute Rug – Several models available at Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Lulu and Georgia, West Elm, Miss Amara and other large retailers.

15. Tableau coffee table, Fredericia Furniture

16. Woolen throw, Klippan

17. Daphine table lamp, Lumina

18. Cork Family stool, Vitra

19. OW2000 Egyptian stool, Carl Hansen & Son

20. Viscontea pendant lamp, Flos

21. Realism no. 45. art collage, Atelier CPH

22. Crinkle plaid, Hay

23. Androgyne side table, Menu

24. Aluminium Group EA 107 desk chair, Vitra

25. Pedal bin, Vipp

26. Bed linen, Linen Me

27. BL5 wall lamp, Gubi

28. Sculptural bowl, John Pawson

29. Handwash, Frama

30. Scented candle, Byredo

Styling notes

Notice the restrained palette of colors and materials – This provides strict but clear guidelines when deciding what to add or remove in the interior. It’s then easier to layer textures and to effortlessly combine furniture and decorative accents.

The key to making such limited palette work is to go all-in for textures. Take a look again at the interior and pay attention to the numerous tactile elements: Linen, paper cord, jute, wool, paper, wood, stone, cork, etc.

A few black accents add contrast, depth and balance to neutral spaces like this one. To do this Pella chose design pieces that have a timeless appeal; they will never go out of style and will blend in beautifully no matter how her style evolves over time.

And you’ve probably noticed: The place is uncluttered and everything is carefully curated.

Editing down is key to make any home look better instantly. You likely already have nice things around your home, but in a busy, crowded place, they probably don’t have the precedence they deserve. The goal is not to throw out everything, but to make space for what matters.

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Photos: Erik Lefvander for Länna Möbler


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