, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Danish furniture designers Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen founded We:Do:Wood in 2006. Today they create chairs, tables, shelving systems, etc. – All made of bamboo wood. Inspired by simple geometric forms, their goal is to create functional, high quality and honest furniture.

“Good furniture must quite simply stand there and invite you to use it”, explains Henrik Thygesen. “We’re very keen to see anything unnecessary cut away, so that the shape doesn’t require too much explanation, but is so clear and obvious that it couldn’t have been any other way, when you finally stand there with the finished product in front of you,” confirms Sebastian Jørgensen.

Thygesen & Jørgensen’s strong vision of sustainability is at the heart of the creation and production of their furniture, and they are setting new standards in the world of design.

They use bamboo wood and they limit the amount of glue required for the production of the We:Do:Wood furniture. They strongly believe modern design goes hand in hand with sustainability and environmental protection. “Opportunities are endless once you’ve started investigating…” – Henrik Thygesen

Photos: We:Do:Wood

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