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Café-Restaurant Story

Location: Helsinki, Finland

The Verdict: In the middle of Helsinki and next to the Market Square, you can find the Old Market Hall which opened its doors to customers in 1889. In this protected building the you’ll find Café-Restaurant Story, right in the high-ceilinged middle section of the hall. The group of restaurateurs being the place are all sharing a love for the handmade and top ingredients, they came up with uncomplicated and fresh food prepared on the spot. You can have breakfast, lunch, coffee and sweet treats, as well as dinner during the weekends.

The elegant and stunning interior was designed by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio. The look is modern, but comfortable. It works very well together with the surrounding architecture, which was important to Laajisto. The colour palette and materials are classic, with a few bright accents here and there. All of the tables are also designed and handmade by a very talented Helsinki-based wood artisan, Tebian.

Story is a charming and modern eatery, with fine wines, great service and the best ingredients along with great seaside views.

Old Market Hall, Eteläranta
00130 Helsinki
+358 10 666 8458