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Den Blå Planet Aquarium

Location: Kastrup, Denmark – Near the Copenhagen airport

The Verdict: The National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium with thousands of animals and seven million litres of water. During our visit, we discovered marine animals, amphibians, countless fish and other sea creatures from different regions and environments: The far North, the lakes of Africa, the Rainforest, and the oceans. We’ve seen piranhas, octopus, hammerhead sharks, rays, otters, an anaconda, and many more. We enjoyed sitting by one of the aquarium’s XL tanks, admiring how amazing Nature is and the beauty of the world we live in.

What truly captured our attention is the architecture. The Aquarium  is quite a landmark in the Danish capital city (well, suburb that is). Open since March 2013, it is located near the airport and it is conveniently accessible with public transports. The stunning building was created by 3XN who won the international competition with its swirl-like architecture inspired by the endless motion of the water. Its shape is reminiscent of a whirlpool. The facade, covered with diamond-shaped aluminum shingles, made me think of the glittering fish scales. The aquarium is surrounded by a reflection pool and the Øresund, which enhances its beauty. The architects’ goal was to immerse visitors in the underwater world before they even stepped in the building, and they definitely succeeded!

The aquarium’s café has beautiful views of the surrounding water, and serves lovely food concocted by Meyer’s Køkken

We recommend to anyone to visit Den Blå Planet, rain or shine. If visiting aquariums is not your thing, the spectacular architecture alone is worth a detour.

Den Blå Planet
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1
+45 44 22 22 44