Top Picks: Pretty Paper Star Lanterns

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Photo: Watt & Veke

This is the time of the year that paper star lanterns can be spotted shining in Scandinavian homes and windows, to celebrate the arrival of the holidays and brighten up dark winter nights. It is a joyful tradition that is perfectly suited for minimalists and maximalists alike. A single white star adds a stylish, subtle Christmas vibe, while a cluster of colorful pieces makes a cheerful statement.

Below, I created a roundup of my favorite stars, snowflakes, and a popular “snow flower”, with simple shapes or intricately cut and lacy designs – All so beautiful they can remain in your home décor beyond December 31.

Traditionally, these lanterns are made of paper, but I included some gorgeous options made of velvet (#4 and #15), metal (#2 and #13), or even a weather-resistant material (#14) so you can decorate your porch (I know I will!).

Some are very large, like #12 with its 100 cm, and great to use alone for a striking decorative accent or even replace one of your lamps for the season. You can also group 3+ small or medium stars together to lit a dark corner or use a single one in front of a window for a delicate glow in the evenings.

Not all stars or snowflakes are made to be used as lampshades, but you can simply add a delicate string of micro LED lights, as seen on #1 below – A pretty idea!

Swedish companies Star Trading and Watt & Veke, offer high-quality options that are available at retailers worldwide. Ikea has a few lovely affordable models that are perfect if you are on a budget. Living in Europe, I’d also visit Søstrene Grene for a few nice picks.

I also recommend you check out Amazon and Etsy in your region and search for the keywords “Scandinavian paper star lanterns”. Patterns and colors are virtually limitless, and you’ll surely find something you like – Even if a purple or pink-themed Christmas is your thing!

If you’d like to make your own, I found simple video tutorials for DIY stars here, here and here.


1. Green velvet five-point star, Star Trading

2. Brass-colored metal star, Star Trading

3. Snöblomma 44 paper star, Watt & Veke

4. Julius 25 paper star with LED light, Watt & Veke

5. Aino black paper star, Watt & Veke

6. Glitter star, Søstrene Grene

7. Iris slim white and gold paper star, Watt & Veke

8. 3D star lamp shade, Ikea

9. Maja 60 guld paper star, Watt & Veke

10. Boris paper star, Watt & Veke

11. Snowflake lamp shade, Ikea

12. Large 100cm Sensy paper star, Star Trading

13. Copper-colored metal star, Star Trading

14. Outdoor star light, Elf Logic

15. Red velvet star with LED light, Ikea

If you’d like more Christmas décor inspiration, you can have a look at the dedicated category in the image gallery!

Photo: Watt & Veke