Tine Kjeldsen’s Summerhouse in North Zealand

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Last summer, we’ve featured Tine Kjeldsen’s lovely summerhouse on the blog, and I’m pleased that new pictures have emerged!

Tine is the founder of Danish brand Tine K Home, so it is easy to expect a stylish interior! The gorgeous 65 m² house in North Zealand, Denmark, has a great Scandinavian look and feel, with a few ethnic touch – Just like Tine’s brand.

The outdoor space is fantastic, don’t you think? Perfect for warm summer days!

Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-02 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-03 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-04 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-05 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-06 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-07 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-08 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-09 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-10 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-11 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-12 Tine-Kjeldsen-Summerhouse-13

Photos: Femina



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