The Home of Fritz Hansen in Milan

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With the Salone del Mobile in Milan in full swing, Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen transformed its showroom into a beautiful apartment. It is truly gorgeous.

The place is filled with their stunning pieces. You can spot a few of my favourites: A blue Ro™ lounge chair by Jaime Hayon, an ivory KAISER idell™ table lamp, a PK80™ daybed and numerous Series 7™ chairs.

If you are curious, take a peak at what the showroom used to like here – Also a pretty amazing space!


The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-02 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-03 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-04 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-05
The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-06 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-07 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-08 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-09
The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-10 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-11 The-Apartment-by-Fritz-Hansen-in-Milan-12

Photos: Fritz Hansen


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