Tasteful Gotland Summer Retreat

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Gotland in Sweden is a true haven for people looking to escape for the warm season, and here’s another summerhouse on the island that makes us want to pack our bags and go!

The place seduced us with its plastered walls, wood paneling, concrete floors, exposed beams and high ceiling. The interior is kept simple, but decidedly tasteful. We’re loving all the natural textures and earthy tones – There is a fantastic summer vibe going on!

And what to say about the beautiful scenery!? Gorgeous.



Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-02 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-03 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-04 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-05
Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-06 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-07 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-08 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-09
Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-10 Tasteful-Gotland-Summer-Retreat-NordicDesign-11


Photos:  Fantastic Frank




  1. Inga
    21 Jun 2016 / 09:07

    Love it! Is it a vacation rental or just private? If for rent, would you have a link? Thanks a lot!

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