Sustainable Architecture

, , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

The small town of Middlefart on the island of Fyn in Denmark recently inaugurated a new head office for the Middelfart Saving bank. The building, designed by architects agency 3XN, perfectly meets the high architectural demands for its area while providing a great environment to its employees.

The building is not only beautiful and contemporary; it also integrates sustainable materials and effective building methods:

“3XN’s implemented an energy efficient heating and cooling system that involves the mass and ability of concrete to adjust the room temperature by absorbing and releasing heat. The method is based upon pre-fabricated concrete decks with embedded plastic pipes. With these thermoactive concrete elements it is possible to reduce the energy consumption for heating by 30 percent and the energy consumption for cooling and mechanical ventilation by up to 85 percent; in total, an energy saving of 30-50 percent.” Read more here.


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