Sponsors Quarterly Roundup

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I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation and thanks to my sponsors of the last couple of months. With their support, they contribute to making Nordic Design possible, and they facilitate the development of the blog. And I’m so grateful. Thanks to all these wonderful companies!



Huset is one of the few stores in North America offering exclusively Scandinavian design, from fashion to tableware to kids stuff. Asplund, By Malene Birger, HAY, Our Children’s Gorilla, By Nord, LuckyBoySunday, Anne Black and Muuto are among the numerous brands in Huset’s assortment. They collaborate with designers from Scandinavia to create their own products, such as this lovely Huset tray by Maria Dahlgren. Founder Holly Hallberg travels 2-3 times each year to the Nordic Countries to find the best modern Scandinavian designed products available. Huset’s website is a good place to find interesting designers’ bio. Don’t forget to also check their blog, to not miss out on new arrivals in their shop!



DeepFLING carries an assortment of covetable Scandinavian lines of jewelry and fashion brands such as Kum Kum, Liebeskind, Pilgrim, Odd Molly and Swedish Hasbeens, among others. The mid-century modern influence is obvious, but it’s playfulness that strongly characterizes DeepFLING’s assortment. A strong passion for what’s beautiful and objects that bring joy are what drove owners Malin and Kevin to choose the name DeepFLING for their store. You’ll be seduced by their curated assortment.



CultureNordic is a one-stop online gifts shop, featuring innovative and unusual gifts from Scandinavia’s leading cultural institutions, designers and artists. It has a nice selection of artworks, books and ceramics. And with every purchase, you support Nordic cultural institutions: The Viking Ship Museum, The Danish National Theatre, The National Museum of Denmark, the Danish Film Institute and Skagens Museum, among others. “Today our cultural institutions, our guardians of this cultural heritage, are also leading the way in expressing what is truly Nordic and experiences in Scandinavian lifestyle, by offering the best in Nordic design and art. Culture Nordic’s mission is to present the very best in Nordic gifts from Scandinavian museums, designers and artists through a single check out. Each gift tells a story and is an authentic expression of our unique Nordic heritage.” Check out their website here.


Walnut & Walrus
This family operated design studio in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded in 2012. They believe in a happy and playful design combined with the most eco-friendly materials. Their posters and postcards are printed on Skandia 2000 paper. The paper is made from trees from environmentally certified Swedish forests. It’s FSC certified and one of the world’s most environmentally friendly papers. Have a look at their lovely products!



The Print Atelier
The Print Atelier is an online gallery of contemporary photography featuring the works of an international art collective, with hundreds of images to choose from and beautiful limited editions. You’ll find loads of artistic pieces that will amaze you for their content, vision and technical excellence. “The Print Atelier: Because photography is an art to be shared – The art of transcending reality. The art of bringing the world to light.The art of exalting the unusual. The art of creating. Of moving, Of surprising. Of enchanting. Photography is creation. Emotion. Surprise. Amazement. Every photo in our virtual gallery is a work of art. A unique, contemporary work. The work of visionary artists from near and far, who bring beauty to our lives…and make us dream. Our mission is to make the process of collecting and discovering art photography accessible and an enriching experience. Be they amateurs, collectors, interior designers, art directors, photography connoisseurs or patrons of the arts, those who browse theprintatelier.com will discover a wide range of exclusive, contemporary, limited edition pictures that speak to all tastes. Each purchased photograph is delivered to your door in a luxury package. A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist accompanied small limited edition prints.”


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