Spiff, Plank and Acorn

By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Northern Lighting from Norway recently presented three new interesting lamps. Which one do you prefer?

1) Spiff is a small lamp inspired by old solid wooden toys. The lamp is made out of sustainable oak, a popular and typical Nordic material. The parts are joined together using a traditional wooden joinery technique supported by brass joints so that the lampshade can be tilted to alter the direction of the light and to change the aesthetic expression of the lamp.

This is the first project Northern Lighting collaborated with the young and exciting design team Gridy from Oslo, Norway.

2) Plank is a light fixture made out of pure, raw wood with dimmable LEDs inside. Plank stems from a reference to the used and abused delivery pallet. Plentiful in function, this thin, long and simplistic pendant, wall and floor lamp series serves well to add directed or guided light to a defined space in a room. It further works well in providing a defined light strip down towards, for example, a table or a desk area.

The lamp series is available with rough cut light coloured poplar wood planks and with a darker Kebony SYP (Southern yellow pine) wood from the Norwegian company Kebony an alternative version. Both wooden materials choices have an unpolished expression with visible marks and traces from the production processes.

3) Acorn is an organically shaped pendant lamp constructed from the combination of an oak top wooden part and oil painted off-white aluminium shade elements. The lamp is inspired by the Nordic autumn forests and the shape of the oak acorn.On this project Northern Lighting has collaborated with the young and exciting designer Atle Tveit from Oslo, Norway.

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