Spectrum table by Isabella Sundqvist

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The role of rainbows as guideposts in ancient Mayan culture plays a role in the creation of Isabella Sundqvist’s colourful laminated glass ‘Spectrum’ table.

A design student at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Sundqvist says she “went on a discovery overseas and got hooked on the three rotating surfaces of the Mayan calendar and on the legend about the Mayans seeing patterns in the rainbow, which helped them to foretell their future.”

“These two sources of inspiration were the motivation behind my coffee table, of which both visual appearance and physical dimensions are variable. The three table tops in different colours are rotatable and when unfolded to a regular hexagon, fields in all the colours of the rainbow are visible.”

Spectrum was exhibited in the Greenhouse at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Photo: Nayab Ikram via


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