Snoopy sofa

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

Snoopy sofa is designed by Danish duo Iskos-Berlin for Versus. Obviously, it’s not without coincidence that it shares the same name as the lovely cartoon dog. When the sofa and armchair is seen from the side, it has a profile that is remarkably similar to Snoopy – hence the name.

The design comprises a large rounded pillow for the seat with a single piece of upholstery wrapped round the back to form both arms and backrest. Marked piping is used to accentuate its shape in a natural way, giving it an easily recognizable design ‘signature’. The range includes a chair and three sofas plus a stool, all finished with solid oak legs.

“We wanted to design a compact but comfortable ‘family’ of sofas that harked back to classic soft furniture styles – especially to the post WW2 period” – Versus

Iskos-Berlin has been established in Copenhagen in 2010 but already has some notable cooperations in the portfolio. Click here to find out more.

Photos: Versus


  1. Holly
    25 Jan 2012 / 11:22 am

    funny! I like looking at them, but a little to round and bubbly for my personal tastes.


  2. Lin Chain Liang
    12 Aug 2012 / 9:47 am

    Have it sell to taiwan(R.O.C)

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