Scandinavian Coffee House Branding

, , , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Founders Kim Haagensen, Sindre Røstad and John Wuya, would like to share a piece of Scandinavia with you through their Scandinavian Coffee House. The concept of the Scandinavian Coffee House is to introduce Scandinavian roots to foreigners by combining majestic nature, Scandinavian design heritage, Nordic flavors and off course its coffee expertise.

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and Andreas Engesvik are responsibility for the coffee shops retail and interior experience, which is based on openness, honesty and closeness to nature, some of Scandinavia’s distinct characteristics.

The first coffee shop opened up last May in Ålesund, Norway.  Hopefully other cities such as New York and Tokyo will follow. Looking at the packaging and images below, it looks very promising. We look forward to see the interior!

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