Reflective jewelry by Saara Renvall

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Kukka, which means “flower” in Finnish, is a piece of reflective jewelry that is both beautiful and practical. It is designed by Saara Renvall, and hand made in Finland.

The story of Kukka began in 2003 when Saara was invited to a romantic winter skating event called “rusettiluistelu”. She wanted to wear something special to help her be seen among fellow skaters. And that is when the first prototype of Kukka was created, out of left-over materials from previous projects.

Kukka immediately became popular and friends wanted to get their own gorgeous Kukka.Today, Kukka is now a popular design object and only a limited number of it is manufactured and sold each year. It is used to accessorize clothes, hats, bags and even dog collars – you name it!

Kukka is functional: wear it in dark and any light that hits it (for example camera flash or car lights) creates a reflection that makes you visible. However, remember that Kukka is a fashion item, not an official safety-tested reflector.

About Saara Renvall:
Saara Renvall (b. 1973) is a Finnish designer who graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002 with a Master’s Degree in spatial and furniture design. She also has a qualification in carpentry and has participated in numerous international workshops. Saara Renvall currently works as a freelance designer and has her own studio in Helsinki.

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