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Kicki Möller is the creative mind behind the Möllerlamps, those romantic lampshade made of lace surplus. Highly artistic and creative, her hobby turned into a much sought-after product. Here she explains how it all started, and shares with us where her inspiration comes from.

Where did the idea come from?
I work as a journalist at the Swedish national radio and have always had the textile and sewing interest besides my work.

The Möllerlamps story: It started a summer when I rented a house in the south of Sweden and was having a real flea-market summer! I found a few lampshades and when the summer ended I started to cover them with lace. Then my friends bought them and I started to search for more lampshades. I then found a surplus stock and bought the 60 lampshades left.

Soon my small apartment was full of lace-covered lamps –all in different shapes and sizes. The bunch of lamps just grew and there, at my floor, they became a bit like my pets… but before I got crazy, I started selling them in different shops in Sweden. One year later they were all sold out, and I had inquiries from shops in eight countries -Europe, US and Asia- who wanted to be retailers of the Möllerlamps.

How would you describe your style?
Hmm…Romantic simplicity maybe?  Not too grandiose but still not too minimalistic either. Always faded colours and plain.

Any special projects at the moment?
I’m about to make the Möllerlamps collection nr 2.

You, in three words:
Impatient, quick, emotional

What inspires you?
Colors! I’m very observant in colors and color combinations everywhere around me, and my eyes are drawn to a faded and “dirty” color range. That’s the part I like most with my lamp-making – the color combinations of the textile and cord. And also that the Möllelamps forms a color unit together, even if they are sold one by one.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
People say that creativity comes when you relax are not under pressure, but I would actually say I’m at my most creative when I’m under pressure, I like deadlines.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
When we get winters with lots of snow

Favorite designer:
I don’t really have a special favorite designer, but I have people I like, who inspires me with their courage and artistic expression. Like artist Miranda July, choreographer Björn Säfsten, artist Marianne Lindberg de Geer, designer Ewa i Walla.

Best designer piece you purchase:
Again – I’m not that into the designer world and do not have many designer pieces. The best things I have are things that I have bought vintage, antique or found at flea markets – and I have no idea who have made them. But I recently bought terry towels from Swedish Lisa Vilhelmson, very nice ones!

Favorite spot to shop:
Good flea markets and vintage stores anywhere – often at places you didn’t expect.

On your wish list:
A kitchen sofa in the right size for my kitchen

What can’t you live without?
Good relations

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Swedish steel!

Favorite travel spot:
Paris  – I fell in love with that city when I was there on vacation with my mum. I was fifteen and when we got back I started to study French in school. Since then I have been back in many ways – living and working at the summertime several times, and been on vacation many times too. Seems I never get tired of walking around in Paris.

You, in five years:
Still working part time with the Möllerlamps and having the Möllerlamps collection nr 2 out!
And also – I want to create a dance performance with the lamps – an idea I’ve had for a while now… so soon the Möllerlamps will be dancing!



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