Dorte Agergaard

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

We fell hard for Dorte Agergaard’s brilliant work. She creates unusual and surprising textiles with motifs of nature and everyday objects such as shoes, cables, plants, floor boards, etc. We love her playful and modern designs, especially her PURE collection of pillows, bed linen and curtains. So simple and beautiful. We can’t wait to see more of her!

We are pleased she agreed to answer a few questions for NordicDesign.

Pssst: Check out her gorgeous home featuring her fabulous textiles!

How did it all started?
I have a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, 2003. In 2007 I graduated as MA of Textile Design, from the Design Colleges in Denmark. Immediately after my graduation, I began designing textiles in my own name DORTE AGERGAARD®. It sounds like a cliché, but my “style” started by a mistake in one of my creative processes. This mistake was so exciting, and it was here I began using images from the reality and use them as motifs on fabrics. I love working with the combination of photography  and the digital printing on textiles, and I like using ordinary things which surround us in everyday life in my designs.

What is your business philosophy?
My philosophy is to enjoy designing, and to believe in what you are doing, although there is an economic crisis and a market that is far more critical.

How would you describe your style?
My style is very honest in the sense that it is surely naive but in a serious way. I have a conceptual approach, and therefore my work can be perceived somewhat esoteric, but still playful. I have often tried to go after a certain audience, but strange enough so it is not them who are showing interest in my designs, it is a completely different audiences, which positively surprises me.

Favorite material to work with:
My favorite tools are a camera, a computer, lots of fabrics, and a digital printer for textiles.

Any special projects at the moment?
Right now I am facing my first commercial product to be presented to February 2011, a collaboration with a Danish wallpaper and paint manufacturer called FLUGGER / FIONA

Best thing about being a designer:
The design process can be really intense and almost magical. Sometimes I work very intuitively, and sometimes I am using a system or a concept.

You, in three words:
Open-minded, sensitive, hard worker

What inspires you?
What inspire me are obviously those who broke the standards. This may be music, fashion, politics, solutions, places, art or an approach which has not been seen before.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
When I can feel a certain energy that opens the mind for a creative process.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
The best thing about Scandinavia is our minimalism, craftsmanship and functional expression, for me this is a challenge, whether it is to relate to the expression or to break with them.

Favorite designer:
I’m very excited about what Droog present, both the products and the designers they select for their collections.

Best address-book secret:
That is a secret…

On your wish list:
More time, and more energy.

What can’t you live without?
My job.

Best designer piece you bought:
At the moment I am very happy for my new MINI Cooper one, it gives me the opportunity to visit places which my grandmother-bike could not bring me to.

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
I love traditions which bring my family together.

Favorite travel spot:
I really like places which surprises me. I have just been in Oman, which and I found very appealing. The desert is very fascinating !

You, in five years:
I would like to be in a place or position where there is joy, love, opportunities, and economy to create.