Product Crush: Textures Print

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Concrete, marble, white tiles…
This is what the Textures print series by The Minimalist store is all about – A beautiful simplicity! My walls need these… I’m especially fond of the ‘Marble dipped concrete‘ version.

“These prints are perfect for the minimalist home or a space that needs an extra layer of subtle texture. They are also great for small spaces that may not be able to handle a stronger pattern. We love layering them with other stronger graphic prints or as a backdrop for a bold vase or sculpture.” – The Minimalist store

Available framed or unframed, and can be hung vertically or horizontally. They are printed on matt 160gsm paper, and they are available in three sizes:

– Medium print is 40 x 50 cm
– Large print is 50 x 70 cm
– X Large print is 100 x 70 cm

Find them here.

The_Minimalist_x_concrete_dipped_white_tiles_1024x1024 The_Minimalist_x_Concrete_print_1024x1024 The_Minimalist_x_Grey_dipped_marble_print_1024x1024 The_Minimalist_x_Marble_dipped_concrete_print_1024x1024 The_Minimalist_x_Marble_print_1024x1024

Photos: The Minimalist store


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