Pretty little things

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

The Vitriini range is the latest additions to the assortment of Finnish brand Iittala. Designed by glass artist Anu Penttinen for Iittala, Vitriini boxes are for all the little things laying around your house or office, on your desk, shelves and nightstands: keys, jewels, candies, buttons, paperclips, coins -anything that “always somehow seem to be ‘homeless’.”

The boxes are available in 19 variations of sizes and colors. They are mainly made of glass, but also wood and aluminum, offering you a beautiful palette of alternatives to store all your precious little things.

Why not mix and match your Vitriini boxes as inspiration goes? Or collect them? Or offer them as gifts to loved ones? “Why not create your own gallery using Vitriini for those things that are too beautiful to bury away at the back of your cupboard or drawer.” – Anu Penttinen

Playful, practical and beautiful, the Vitriini range is one more reason (among many) to love Iittala.

Photo: Iittala

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