Porcelain brooches

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Anne Black is a Danish designer well-known for  her porcelain bowls, vases and plates, but also for her delicate jewelry with a  unique contemporary look. We love her brooches (as in the picture), as they make subtile but oh-so-sweet graphical decorations. Clean, simple and elegant, they can pretty up and update any outfit, tablecloth, curtain, pillow, etc.

Plus: Anne Black is into Fair Trade!

“Anne Black is co-owner of a small ceramic factory established with support and under supervision by official Danish development agency Danida, outside of Hanoi in Vietnam. The co-ownership means Anne Black control the conditions of work. The working environment has been developed with assistance from international working environment experts, and is comparable to Danish standards.” – anneblack.dk

Check out more brooches and jewellery from Anne Black on her website.

Photos: Anneblack.dk

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