Perfection in White, Brass and Dark Hues by Lotta Agaton

, , , By Catherine

To me, this is perfection.
Stylist extraordinaire Lotta Agaton keeps on impressing me with her talent and skills. I love the crisp white interior, white-washed floor boards, the place’s original elements (hello amazing fireplace and wall paneling), brass accents, the beni ourian rug, the dark hues… Everything is just right. I wish there were more pics of the fantastic place..!


Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-01Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-07 Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-02 Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-03 Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-04 Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-05 Perfection-by-Lotta-Agaton-06

Photos: Kristofer Johnson via Lotta Agaton & Nadja Mini for Residence



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