Our Children’s Gorilla

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Our Children’s Gorilla was founded in Sweden in 2002. The company designs humorous home accessories, children’s deco and toys while using environmentally friendly materials and methods of production.

All products are made in Sweden, with local businesses who share Our Children’s Gorilla’s green ethics.

Featured here:

  • Robot hooks made of recycled metal, available in two different sizes and various colors.
  • Doll’s house in wood fiber board made from European forest waste with a non-toxic organic tint. The original A-frame house was designed by architect Andrew Geller in post war USA.
  • Lightweight and portable play hut made of recycled Nordic material. Measures 90x100cm when mounted.
  • Monkey hangers in tinted wood fiber, also made from European forest waste. Available in red, black, yellow or brown.

Photos: Our Children’s Gorilla 

Update: The company unfortunately stopped its activities.