Nordic Nomad Chair

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It’s a knapsack. It’s a blanket. It’s a space for belongings. It’s a chair. The concept behind the Nordic Nomad Chair is more about liberating oneself from societal trappings rather than leisure outings, its stylish design more than justifies it as an exceptional tool for any camping trip.

Bjarke Frederiksen’s creation is an elegant version of a knapsack on a stick. Only this transforms into a chair with storage. The chair has three distinctive functions, sitting, storing, and walking. Every piece has a dual purpose. The leather straps hold the chair together and is also used as shoulder straps when it’s collapsed. The longest pole doubles as a walking stick while the seat transforms into a backpack with additional storage space. Unfortunately the chair is only a prototype and has not been mass produced for the general public. But with enough interest, we may soon see this manufactured.

The static construction is made from solid European ash, treated/finished with soap. The blanket/knapsack is made in a 100% cotton panama-woven canvas in gray-purple + a 100% woven wool in bright heather ’Scandinavian’ gray, beige and brown tones. The laces and straps are in a light brown leather.

“By processing techniques and knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of furniture and textile, I have created a contemporary piece of furniture that can carry a human and that a human can carry. It is accommodating the modern human. (…) A piece of furniture whose functions are not static, but can be perceived as a continous adaptation of ideological resonance between product and user. It is not a way to circumvent possibly indistinct features, but excactly that the ambiguity can be a function and it requires an ideological commitment to what makes good design good.” – Bjarke Frederiksen 

Bjarke is currently enroled at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design, where he studies at the department of Furniture and Spatial Design.

Source: The Scout mag

Photos: Bjarke Frederiksen 


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