Nano Watch

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Now that’s a cool accessory we’d like to have!

Danish label Nanowatch offers a specially designed wrist strap that turns the new iPod Nano 6G into, well, you’ve guessed it: a wrist watch. Wearing the gadget on the wrist provides an easy (and smart!) access to the iPod’s function such as MP3 player, pedometer, and, of course, the analog watch.

“Nanowatch has worked night and day since Steve Jobs made a casual remark of using the iPod Nano 6G as a wrist watch at the presentation of the new Nano.” –Nanowatch

Designed by Thomas Frederiksen, the Nanowatch fits the iPod Nano’s clip mechanism perfectly. The strap is made of soft, durable and eco-friendly silicone available in 6 vibrant colors matching the iPod Nano 6G range.

Photos: Nanowatch


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