A Modern Home in Concrete, Timber and Glass, Take Two

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At the end of March, we featured this stunning home in concrete, timber and glass – Remember?

We’re happy to have come across more pictures of this modern place! These new shots really give a better view of the tremendous architectural work that went into this building. Impressive!


Concrete-and-timber-home-12 Concrete-and-timber-home-13 Concrete-and-timber-home-14 Concrete-and-timber-home-16Concrete-and-timber-home-145 Concrete-and-timber-home-17 Concrete-and-timber-home-18 Concrete-and-timber-home-19 Concrete-and-timber-home-20 Concrete-and-timber-home-21 Concrete-and-timber-home-22

See more pics here.

Photos: Jesper Ray via Ardess



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