Lovely Eclectic Cottage in Denmark

, , , By Catherine
This luminous cottage used to be an old fisherman’s home in Klint, Denmark, built in 1830.
The place has a lovely eclectic style, with many vintage finds from the owner’s shop, Dorthe Brocante. I really like the combination of the dining table, with its Rococo legs, with iconic Eames chairs. The ethnic textiles and ceramics really add a personal touch to the space, making us wonder what is the travel story behind each piece… 
Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-01 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-02 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-03 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-04 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-05 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-06 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-07 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-08 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-09 Lovely-eclectic-fishermans-cottage-10

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