Light and Space by Norm Architects

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

This is a small but lovely apartment recently redesigned by talented duo Norm Architects. It has such a beautiful light! And furnishings, too…! Don’t you think?

Photos: Norm Architects

Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects10 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects9 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects8 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects7 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects6 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects5 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects4 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects3 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects2 Light-and-Space-by-Norm-architects

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