Just like a family

, , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

These are lovely chairs, but we think the concept behind them might be even prettier.

Created by Lina Nordqvist for Design House Stockholm, the ‘Family Chairs’ cannot be purchased separately, but only as a kit of four. They are meant to complete and complement each other; they are similar, but different at the same time; they are a bit like a family…

“Separately they present themselves as individuals, unique chairs aspiring to be something more than just pieces of furniture. Together they form a boisterous family, with each one displaying a distinctive character. Even the horizontal spindles between the chair legs play their part in the game.”

Inspired by traditional Swedish chairs, the Family Chairs won the Accent on Design Award in New York in August 2009. They are available in black or in natural wood.

Design House Stockholm is also the brand who came up with this great bicycle basket!

Photo: Design House Stockholm