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, , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

It is a pleasure for us to have our founder, Catherine Lazure-Guinard,featured of the very lovely blog Lark & Linen from Jacquelyn Clark. She is a Toronto-based professional of the Interior Design industry. She writes about interiors, art, design, delicious recipes, scenes from her life, among others. Her blog is tastefully presented, and one visit was enough to convince us to regularly come back for more!

Here’s what she had to say about Nordic Design:

“While I love design in all forms, there’s no question that Scandinavian design marks the top of my list. Catherine’s blog, Nordic Design, tops my list of favourite blogs for that reason. Chalk full of eye candy of the very best kind, you might want to ensure that you have some time to waste before visiting, as you will surely get sucked right in.”

Many thanks to Jacquelyn for the kind words on Nordic Design!

Click here to read more about Catherine, her daily reads, her playlist, her dream home, and more!

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