The home of Karen Maj Kornum from Another Ballroom

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This is the lovely home of Karen Maj Kornum, owner of the gallery and shop Another Ballroom in Copenhagen. She lives in this spacious and luminous apartment in Frederiksberg with her husband and four children. The place is stylish, unique and personal, with fun and interesting details. You’ll see vintage rugs, flea market finds, antiques and lots of art.

I’m loving that gallery wall and the airy dining room. The raw hardwood floor is pretty, too. I think hanging a special rug on the wall, like she did (picture below), is such a good idea. I’ve seen it on the blogosphere for a while now, but I wasn’t convinced… Until now!

Photos: Line Thit Klein for Elle DK

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Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-02 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-03 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-04 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-05
Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-06 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-07 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-08 Home-of-Karen-Maj-Kornum-09


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