For your Feathery Friends

, , , , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Welcome the birds in your garden with Eva Solo‘s lineup of accessories for feathery friends of all kind.

The Danish brand Eva Solo offers several products that won various awards over time, and we surely see why. These garden accessories are well-designed, functional and beautiful.

The Bird Table is a food dispenser with a 5-liter glass container in a pretty, organic shape. The Bird Bath is shaped like a drop falling in water, and is made of white glazed porcelain. Despite being made of mouth-blown glass, the Bird Feeder is conceived to resist wind and weather. We also like the Bird Box which is a house made of glazed terra-cotta which does not only protects from wind and rain, but it also reflects heat to keep the inside cool and fresh even at the height of summer. Its black plastic lid is designed to make it difficult for cats and other predators to open. This bird house features changeable entrance holes in 4 sizes to fit different kinds of birds, and it has also a ladder to help chicks safely make it out of the nest and into the wild.

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Photos: Eva Solo

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