Flirt cutlery

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

While the Flirt cutlery might not be a classic or the latest juicy news in design, we do like the shapes and innovative colors of the pieces within the collection. We also like that each piece of Flirt cutlery can be purchased individually, which mean you can be creative, mix and match colors and plain pieces, and create your own distinctive style.

Flirt was launched in 2008 for the Finnish cookware and cutlery manufacturer Hackman, which is part of Iittala group. It is available in three different sets: Hello, Hei and Hola.

Despite that the collection’s design is simple, playful and fresh, it doesn’t seem to be available at Iittala stores any longer. However, we’ve seen it at online stores like, among others. Be quick while it lasts!

Photos: Hackman

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