Discover the diary of NOMA chef René Redzepi

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The problem with being at the very pinnacle of your profession is that you are there to be shot at, constantly under the microscope, with plenty of people secretly hoping you’ll fall flat on your face. Well there’s that problem and about a hundred more when you are top dog at NOMA, as René Redzepi reveals in his searingly honest journal. You’ll read about the pioneer’s obstacles, frustrations and distractions that life threw on his path in the last year, and his daily struggle in holding on to greatness.

A Work in Progress is a box-set from Phaidon containing René’s Journal, the account of a year of creative and personal turmoil, as well as a book of 100 NOMA Recipes and Snapshots,  a collection of 200 candid behind-the-scenes photographs giving a fascinating insight into the restaurant life. A foodie essential.

Source: Rob Wilkes from We Heart


René Redzepi preparing mussels, from Snapshots. Photos: René Redzepi, Lars Williams,
Ali Kurshat Altinsoy and the Noma team


Slowly sautéed celeriac and truffle sauce. Photo: Ditte Isager


Trash cooking from Snapshots. Photos: photographs by René Redzepi, Lars Williams,
Ali Kurshat Altinsoy and the Noma team


Sweet water pike grilled with summer cabbage. Photo: Ditte Isager


September. Photo: Ditte Isager


Glazed sweetbreads and wilted bitter greens. Photo: Ditte Isager


A Work in Progress, Journal, Recipes and Snapshots by René Redzepi, Phaidon.


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