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So much more than a FLING…

When Malin Lovqvist Doyle left her native Sweden 10 years ago with her American husband, Kevin, the couple knew they wanted to settle somewhere in San Diego. They fell head over heels for a little surf-town north of San Diego, Encinitas. What sealed the deal though, was an open storefront on the 101 in what was once a surf-stop hotel circa the ‘40s and ‘50s. Both had extensive artistic backgrounds: Malin in graphic design, Kevin in industrial and web design. Both were sick of sitting behind computers. “I still had a passion for design” says Malin. “But I wanted something more sociable and tangible and fun.”

That turned out to be jewelry – but not just any boring bijou. deepFLING carries an assortment of covetable Scandinavian lines, from Denmark’s Pilgrim to Sweden’s KumKum & Odd Molly. “There is definitely a mid-century modern influence that you also see in much of the Scandinavian furniture and interior design,” explains Malin. “But the strongest characteristic is playfulness.”

What about the store name deepFLING, what is the story behind it? “Well, a deep fling is obviously so much more than a fling,” she laughs. “It truly stands for a strong passion for what’s beautiful and brings a person joy.”

deepFLING moved to a larger location last fall, just a short hop down the 101 in downtown Encinitas. Most of the locals don’t realize that the beautiful storefront is only half of the package; a lions-share of the work happens in the back half of the store, where Malin & Kevin run the online shop with the help of a great team. Shipping worldwide since 2006, they’ve become the primary vendor for many Scandinavian brands.

Visit them at or stop by the store in Encinitas to say hi!

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