Why I like it: Sukhi offers beautiful and colourful handcrafted rugs following fair-trade and eco-friendly practices. Their mission? Empower artisans from developing countries and help them create a better life, and make #ethicaldecor popular – What’s not to love!? Moreover, as they import the rugs directly, Sukhi can cut down costs and, thus, prices. You can select from many colours, patterns and shapes, or create your own design, too.  Make sure to check out this nice little video giving insights into the lives of Sukhi’s artisans.

Shipping to: Worldwide

Shipping from: Népal, India, Morocco or Turkey – Depending on where your rug is made!

About the shop: “In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Sukhi wants to make people happy: artisans who make our rugs, their families, customers and their families. At Sukhi, our goal is pretty simple. We want to provide you with very high quality handmade rugs. In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. People always tell us that our rugs make them happy. People buy our rugs knowing that they’ll get a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it.

Since we work directly with the people who create the rugs, we get lower prices. We don’t have warehouses, physical stores or middlemen to worry about. Just beautiful rugs. Also, our rugs are only made when you order, so they’re very customizable. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see in your rug. We’re listening! We believe that the talented people who make Sukhi rugs should have great pay and excellent working conditions. In this way, you can buy a beautiful rug while knowing that the artisan making it is being treated fairly.”