Why I like it: Preston & Olivia crafts classic, quality hats and bridal accessories with a Southern charm. Each hat is handcrafted in NYC using the traditional millinery principles.

Shipping to: Worldwide

Shipping from: United States

About the shop: “The story of inspiration gathered from the warm, sweet air of the South…and the sophisticated, vibrant energy of New York City.  A story told in textures: soft velvet, delicate lace, summer­y gingham, and peppy ribbon. Where texture meets pattern and style in an unexpected dance.  Like the sounds of a New Orleans jazz band floating through downtown Manhattan. The story of pieces that let you tell your story.

Preston & Olivia creates unique pieces for men and women in the tradition of classic millinery with a modern sensibility.  Inspired by the city they’re created in: bustling, modern Manhattan. Influenced by the heritage of Creative Director Dara Kent-Cobb: timeless, charming Southern style. Incorporating varied textures and patterns, a  Preston & Olivia accessory, whether it be a hat, necktie, or a bridal piece, elevates the everyday to the exceptional.

Dara Kent-Cobb is the Creative Director and principal designer of Preston & Olivia. Trained in millinery by the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she honed her natural eye for color and texture. Preston & Olivia was founded out of Dara’s desire to create accessories for men and women looking for classic, heirloom quality pieces with a fashion forward sensibility. Drawing on her childhood in Louisiana and memories of her Grandmother, a quintessential Southern Lady, Dara marries traditional Southern style with the more modern world she’s surrounded by in downtown Manhattan. ”

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