Why I like it: I had the pleasure to meet the driven and passionate founders of Opposite Wall, and I can only be proud of what my fellow Montrealers are building – A brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing exclusive art poster collections at affordable prices and with an environmental conscience. They sell trendy prints and frames that allow you to give your home a quick makeover without breaking the bank.

Shipping to: Worldwide

Shipping from: Canada

About the shop: “Open floor plans. Natural materials. Minimalist shapes. The world of home decor is obsessed with the pared-back aesthetic of Scandinavian style. For Opposite Wall Co-Founder and President Anne-Mathilde, the love affair runs even deeper. As a student, the marketing and advertising executive moved from her native Montreal to Stockholm, then Copenhagen to pursue her master’s degree and jumpstart her career. Eventually, she moved back to Quebec but as an honorary Scandinavian saw things a little bit differently.

Along the way, she connected with Co-Founder Erik, a Stockholm-born fashion executive who moved to Canada for a work opportunity. While house hunting, he fell in love with Montreal’s iconic three-story apartment buildings, renovating his new home with Scandinavian flair. His quasi-obsessive attention to detail led to two things: Ambitious renovation projects and the realization that finishing touches, like all-important wall art, are difficult to source and too expensive in North America.

Inspired by the trendy and affordable options flooding the Scandinavian market, the pair launched Opposite Wall. What you see on the site today is just the beginning. Stay tuned for exciting launches, including high-quality wall decor, artists’ collections and more.”