Why I like it: It is the place to shop for classic apparel in timeless designs. Everlane is also company that focuses on transparency and social responsibility. What’s not to like?

Shipping to: North America

Shipping from: United States

About the shop: Designer clothes sell for 8 times what they cost to make. But there’s a new way at everlane.com. We’ve set out to challenge the system and offer designer-quality essentials at great and honest prices. No tricks. No middlemen taking their cut. No crazy brand markups. Just a new collection of essentials launched each month at half the typical cost. No exceptions.

In the fall of 2010, a then 25-year-old Michael Preysman left his job in venture capital to start his own business. He never expected to work in fashion, but a passion for great design and frustration with the lack of innovation in the retail space, led him to build Everlane. He hasn’t looked back. While the team skews young, our employees have cut their teeth at places like Google, Yelp, Gilt Groupe, American Apparel, Marc Jacobs, J.Crew, Goldman Sachs, Pentagram, and The Gap. It’s a motley group held together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

High quality, low markups – Here’s how we do it: We work with the best factories around the world–the very same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We source and design everything in-house and cut out unnecessary middlemen. By being online only, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass these savings on to you.

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