Why I like it: Ruth Walleyn, the founder, is passionate about traveling and discovering different cultures. Her shop is filled with her discoveries, fab finds and unique items that will add warmth and character to your home. Looking at the beautiful and inspiring images on the site, you will not only feel like redecorating, but you’ll also get a serious case of wanderlust!

Shipping to: Worldwide

Shipping from: Belgium

About the shop: “We are globetrotters roaming the planet in search of wonder. We are marveled by the colours of the world, exotic cultures, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating people, overwhelming nature, couleur locale… We are treasure hunters looking for unique items, unusual things, weathered, used, recycled, all crafted with skill and lots of love, and a story behind them. Couleur locale

We are bowerbirds, stuffing our house with unique items we bring from faraway places, bringing back fond memories that make us smile an day-dream, couleur locale

The concept store was created mixing vintage and design from the four corners of the earth.

Couleur locale, globetrotting inspiration for your home.
Couleur locale, things that make you smile and take you to other places.
Couleur locale,  brings the world into your home.”

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