Why I like it: Chhatwal & Jonsson is a Swedish label that brings together Indian heritage and Scandinavian design. It collaborates with local artisans and expert craftsmen to produce beautiful home textiles like gorgeous hand embroidered and hand printed linen cushion covers, carpets, bed linen, etc.

Shipping to: European Union

Shipping from: Sweden

About the shop: “There is an essence of romance at the core of Chhatwal & Jonsson. Firmly rooted in two cultures, Sweden and India, the brand has a unique approach to creating an expression inspired by living between the two cultures. It initially began as a humble idea to combine a Scandinavian eye for design with Indian handicraft and has blossomed into a recognized label with a presence in stores in 18 countries.

A Swedish brand created by Stig Jonsson and Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson aiming to grow step by step in true entrepreneurial fashion, always using their own map instead of traveling a path directed by others. These elements come together beautifully to evoke the vibrant textiles of Chhatwal & Jonsson.”